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Our newly founded Hanimadhoo Conservation Centre is the soul and the control of our attitude.

Activities within The Barefoot are led under the environmental supervision of the Conservation Centre

All of them have been thought and developed to reduce impact on one hand, and contribute to the monitoring of biodiversity and to the Local Community economy, on the other one. Guests have the chance to concretely contribute to the process, for example joining the “conservation snorkeling” within a monitoring framework.

Open lab sessions: to discover our daily marine research efforts to carry out programmes within the structure and get involved by the marine biologists in their scientific work.

Our eco activities Dolphin and Manta checks: we don’t simply watch dolphins and mantas, we monitor them with tourists help. Thanks these activities we are able to gather biologically-significant evidence showing short and long-term population dynamics and behaviors of these wonderful species.

By choosing The Barefoot you will not only enjoy a pearl of the Indian Ocean but will concretely contribute to Conserve Maldives learning tons of biological and ecological facts on the wildlife that inhabits this environment