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The Barefoot diving map

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Barefoot Thila: 6.738880, 73.111733
Baarah Corner: 6.805967, 73.204350
Alidhoo Caves: 6.848467, 73.149183
Hodaidhoo Thila: 6.766983, 73.091083
Aquarium: 6.842067, 73.011200
Filladhoo Wreck: 6.870967, 73.234533
Hondaafushi faru: 6.769900, 73.130733
Heaven & Hell Thila: 6.731500, 73.036167
Maafahi Corner: 6.824667, 73.164667
Muraidhoo Corner: 6.830900, 73.170667
Finey Thila: 6.736467, 73.055833
Hanimaadhoo Corner: 6.777483, 73.186867
Matifaru Caves: 6.852000, 73.043467
Takandhoo Corner: 6.838000, 72.997333
Marandhoo caves: 6.857000, 72.960167
Cathedral: 6.856333, 72.957167
Hodaidhoo Reef: 6.766950, 73.091050
Mulidhoo caves: 6.829050, 73.011667
Filladhoo thila: 6.870500, 73.210383
Muraidhoo Thila: 6.841833, 73.163667
Marandhoo Blue: 6.848367, 72.981333
Baarah out: 6.825702, 73.219457
Coral Garden: 6.780178, 73.131222
Mathifaru Kandu: 6.848762, 73.048960
Sand Bank: 6.879518, 73.109446
Hanimadhoo Faru: 6.757038, 73.164130
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Alidhoo Caves

Distance: 40 min
Depth: 5mt to 30mt
Description: House reef of Alidhoo Island. Suitable for all levels of divers.
From the beautiful 5mt deep top reef starts a drop off that reaches 30 mt. Along the reef wall there are some big overhangs where is possible to see sleeping sting rays or turtles, lion fish, moray eels and lobster. Don’t forget to give a look in the blue sea where eagle rays, sharks, Napoleon fish and barracuda can go across. Sometimes lucky divers can dive with dolphins!
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Distance: 1hr 20 min
Depth: 5mt to 25 mt
Description: Aquarium is a dive spot located in Mulidhoo Island. It is suitable for all level of experience.
The dive site has drop off which gives way to a sloping reef dropping down to 25mt. It’s possible to see schooling of blue fusiliers, butterfly fish, blue triggerfish, turtles yellow snappers and in the right season (usually during north east Monsoon period) Manta Rays on the cleaning stations. Aquarium offers great subjects for photos and videos.
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Baarah Corner

Distance: 30 min
Depth: 7mt to 30 mt
Description: The dive is located on the south east reef of Baarah island. Suitable for all level of experience.
The House reef of Baarah Island is an easy dive spot suitable for beginners and for check dives. The reef starts in shallow waters and goes slowly down till 30 mt where the reef is made of some block of corals with a lot of reef fish such as butterfly fishes, angel fishes, groupers, trigger fishes and schools of fuciliers.
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Baarah out


Distance: 45 min
Depth: 10 mt to 28 mt
Description: The dive begins on the top of the oceanic plateau at a depth of 8-12 mt.
The top is rich in residental reef fishes such as snapper, fuciliers, grouper, anthias, blue trigger fish and some nudibraches.
We then move to the drop of the wall that slides down to 26-28 mt. There are many coral blocks and small caves where it is easy to see lobsters, morays and even turtles.
But at this point it is easy to meet large groups of green humphead parrotfish, and during the summer season even manta rays.

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Barefoot Thila

Distance: 40 min
Depth: 15mt to 30 mt
Description: The thila is 40 min out of Hanimaadhoo Island. Suitable for Advanced divers only
The dive spot is made of two separated thilas, the highest point of the first thila is at around 14 mt and it drops to its base until 30 mt. Here it is possible to dive around big rocks separated from the reef that, compared to the reef wall, are the hotspots of marine diversity. Usually the dive has to be done in drift as medium to strong currents can be present. The rocks are covered by nice soft corals and it’s possible to see eagle rays, tuna fish, sharks and all sorts of reef fishes. Barefoot Thila offers great subjects for both photos and videos. Torch light is highly recommended to explore the several overhangs.

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Distance: 1hr 50 min
Depth: 8mt to 30mt
Description: The dive is located on the north reef of Marandhoo faru.
Suitable for all levels of experience.
The dive starts in shallow water, if there is strong current it is necessary to
rapidly reach the reef at 10 mt in order to arrive on the side of the wall
where it’s easy to follow the nice reef, until we arrive at one colourful big
arch. This arch gives the name to our diving spot. After the arch we continue
following the wall, where it’s possible to explore the inside of several
sequential overhangs. Common encounters: eagle rays - tunas - groupers -
snappers - fusilier and beautiful soft corals.
Torch light is highly recommended to explore the several overhangs.

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Coral Garden


Distance: 40 min
Depth: 10 mt to 18 mt

Coral Garden is located in the north - east side of Hondaafushi Island. Suitable for all level of divers.
The dive takes place on a sandy plateau and among many coral blocks of the acroporah or table coral family.
On two of them it is easy to find some leaf fishes. During the dive we are surrounded by resident groups of fuciliers.
The sandy bottom facilitates the presence of white tip sharks and stingrays

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Filladhoo thila

Distance: 45min
Depth: 12mt to 30mt
Description: The thila is located on the west side of Filladhoo island.
Suitable for all levels of experience.
The wall of the thila has many overhangs were you can see several different
kind of fishes like blue trigger fish, coral groupers and inside a big black coral
tree you can find shrimps. It is easy to see a big friendly napoleon fish that
escorts you for great part of the dive and school of yellow snappers
and fusilier. In the middle of the thila there are some deep rocks..nice to take a look around.
Torch light is highly recommended to explore the several overhangs.

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Filladhoo Wreck

Distance: 45 min
Depth: 2mt to 20mt
Description: the Wreck is located on the south side of Filladhoo Island. Suitable for all level of divers.
The ship named ‘Captain Pentails’, a 3132 Tons freighter, sank near Filladhoo on 4th June 1963. Once you arrive in the area you can see the four uptakes of the wreck outside the water. We start diving in this area and go down slowly until we ca see some parts of the wreck on the bottom. After all these years underwater , some parts of the wreck are completely destroyed but some areas are still in good shape creating good refuges for fishes and big turtels. Eagle rays as well sometimes welcome the divers.

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Finey Thila


Distance: 1hr
Depth: 15mt to 30mt
Description: Finey Thila is located close to Finey Island. Suitable for advanced divers only.
Finey is one the most colourful thilas in the area. The top of thila is around 15mt and drops to its base until 30mt. All the reef wall is completely covered by yellow, blue, purple and orange soft corals. On one side of the thila there is a small canion that you can cross and reach the other side of thila. Here you have the possibility to spot eagle rays, Napoleon fish, shark, tunas and a lot of reef life such as shrimps, lobster nudibranchs and different benthic species extremely interesting for curious and experienced divers that are looking for peculiarities. Torch light is recommended to explore the several overhangs and highlight the hidden colours of the benthic biodiversity.

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  • The diving center guarantees the highest level of quality and professionalism and offers complete sets of rental equipment including BCD, masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, dive computers and underwater digital cameras as well as customized services, suitable for both adults and children. All level courses are available including PADI and SSI ENRICHED AIR DIVER Specialty Course. Free try dive. There are 20-30 spots at a boat distance of approximately 40 minutes, they can be reached by dhoni and/or speed boat. Manta and Dolphin dives in season.


    We are able to offer a variety of different diving courses from the beginners to the Dive master level. NITROX  tank is for FREE for certified Nitrox Divers.

    Opening hours are from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00. We are located closed to the restaurant and the main jetty.

    Our experienced multi-lingual instructors provide a professional and friendly service. The Team is made up of 3/4 instructors, 1 compressor boy, 3 dhoni crew.
    The languages currently spoken are English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.
    Our knowledgeable staff is complemented by the resident marine biologist.

    Our team will help you to check-in and give you all information about the dive sites, diving safety rules and prices. For check-in, you are kindly requested to bring your diving certification, logbook and your medical certificate if you have one.

    Inside the diving center you can find a small classroom corner, a space dedicated to the consultation of fish and maldives books and a small shop.
    All the diving equipment is brand from Cressi. We can also provide  BCD, Octopus, Fins, Masks, Wet Suits, Diving Computers and Underwater Torches.

    Our cylinders are 10 and 12 liters in aluminum, valve tank suitable for DIN and INT. Twin valve is not available.

    Comfort for divers is assured with our boat (traditional Maldivian dhoni) equipped with a sundeck and for your safety a radio, mobile phone, life jackets.

    Our dhoni crew will offer you tea and coffee during navigation.

    Every day two dives are organized, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    We also organize full day excursions, where we provide breakfast and lunch on board, and night dives.




    Discover Scuba Diving/Try Scuba

    This program is the easiest way to experience your very first breath underwater and take your first step in the world of scuba diving. This is usually conducted in the pool for a short training and then in safe open water for the discover dive with the guidance of our dive instructors. A great memory that you will never forget!


    Minimum Age: 8/10
    Certification Prerequisites: None
    Water Sessions: 1/0
    Open Water Dives: 0/1
    Maximum Training Depth: 5 meters / 15 feet / 12 meters / 40 feet
    Suggested Duration: None


    The Scuba Diver

    This program is for students who do not have the time to complete the Open Water Diver program, and provides you with the training and experience required to dive in open water environments under the supervision of a dive professional. It involves training and theory sessions and allows diving to a depth of 12 meters under direct supervision of our instructors.


    Minimum Age: 10
    Certification Prerequisites: None
    Academic Sessions: Online Program
    Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 3
    Open Water Dives: 2
    Maximum Training Depth: 12 meters / 40 feet
    Suggested Duration: 10 - 16 hours


    Open Water Diver/OWD (PADI/SSI)

    This the most globally-recognized certification program and IT is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. It Involves theory and training sessions and as you have mastered the skills of scuba diving, at the end of the course you will be able to dive with a dive buddy of the same level or higher to a depth of 18 meters.


    Minimum Age: 10
    Certification Prerequisites: None
    Academic Sessions: Online Program
    Confined Water Sessions: 6
    Open Water Dives: 4
    Maximum Training Depth: 18 meters / 60 feet (age 15+)
    Suggested Duration: 16 - 32 hours




    Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI/SSI)

    Once you are an open water diver, this is the next step to get more experience in different areas of diving and improve your diving skills. You can experience five different open water dives from five specialty programs such as deep diving, drift, night, nitrox, navigation and many more!


    Minimum Age: 10; 12 if Deep Diving dive is included
    Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

    Note: Max depth is 30m /98 ft if Deep Diving dive is included.

    Academic Sessions: Online learning
    Confined Water Sessions: Not more than 5
    Open Water Dives: Not more than 5
    Maximum Training Depth: Varies
    Suggested Duration: 6 - 10 hours



    Speciality Courses (PADI/SSI)

    If you want to extend  your already expert knowledge to other interesting sides of diving you can choose among a wide variety of specialty courses. Specialty dives are conducted during normal dives with minimum theory involved.


    This is perfect for those who would like to learn how to help themselves, how to recognize potentially dangerous situation and how best to extend help to other divers.


    Minimum Age: 15
    Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
    Academic Sessions: 2
    Confined Water Sessions: 2 (+1 Optional)
    Open Water Dives: 3
    Maximum Training Depth: 30 meters / 100 feet
    Suggested Duration: 10 - 15 hours


    There are several other courses available including Nitrox, Adventure Diver, EFR Diver and Dive master Course.



    • I’m a certified diver. Do I need any diving insurance?
      Yes you need an insurance suitable for diving or underwater activities. Diving insurances are available at the Diving Center.


    • My son is 8 years old. Can he try scuba diving?
      Children can start diving at the age of 8 years old. To the age of 10 years they can get their scuba diving certification following junior scuba diving programs.


    • I’m just certified OWD and I don’t have my equipment. Is it possible to rent scuba gear?
      At the Diving Center are available full kit diving equipment including BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel, diving computer and weightbelt.


    • Do you organize shore dives as well?
      The house reef is quite far from the beach so only diving boat excursions are available. In the lagoon is possible to dive only for children during their Bubblemaker course due to the very shallow water.


    • Is a check dive compulsory?
      The first dive is always a check dive. During this dive you simply have to remove and replace your mask, recover your regulator and check the accuracy of your weights. It will take just a couple of minutes then you can enjoy your dive.


    • It’s been a long time since I did my last dive. What do I have to do?
      For people who have not dived for more than one year a scuba review is mandatory. It consists in a session of exercises in the pool where you can go back to the Open Water Course skills and one dive in open water.


    • Do I require a “fit for diving” certificate from a doctor to dive or learn to dive with you?
      Every diver is highly recommended to have a regular medical examination to ensure he/she is fit to dive. When you register to dive with us, one form you will be required to complete and sign will be the RSTC medical self-declaration. If you can answer all questions with “NO”, have no other medical conditions and are under 65 years of age, then a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor is NOT required. However if you do happen to have to one or more “YES” answers, and/or are 65 years or older, then you would need to bring a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor. If you are 75 years or older, our insurer applies special conditions; please contact us for more information before booking your vacation.


    • Is it necessary to pre book dives, diving packages or dive courses?
      It is not necessary to book dives or dive packages unless you are part of a large group. Even once you arrive, you can simply dive and at the end of your stay you will be billed for the dive package that you have completed. Many courses need no pre booking – however please contact us anyway if you are interested in doing a courses such as Rescue, Dive master and some specialty courses do require pre booking and are subject to availability.
    • Do you provide nitrox for free?
      Yes, nitrox between 28 to 32% is provided for no extra charge to nitrox certified divers.